Mini Freezers

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A mini freezer is a real problem solver. No matter where you need a way to store frozen foods, the mini freezer fits in the smallest of spaces. Thanks to their compact dimensions, you can place a mini-freezer on a shelf, a table or a refrigerator, thus optimizing your stock.

What are the advantages of a mini freezer?

A mini-freezer is always used when there is not enough space for a large freezer or freezer, or when you do not need much freezer capacity. A mini-freezer allows for easy stocking and taking advantage of offers. Due to its small size, it even fits in small kitchens, because it can be placed under the table, on a shelf or on the fridge.

How to choose a mini freezer

- How big can the mini freezer be? The models vary in width between 49 and 69 centimeters and in height between 79 and 89 centimeters. It is best to measure the place you have planned. - Which manufacturer do you prefer? You can choose between the models of all renowned manufacturers. - Which energy efficiency class is eligible? Filter the selection by energy efficiency class and opt for a more environmentally friendly model. - How much should the freezer cost? Also in terms of the price you can make a pre-selection and get proposals that fit your budget.