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Enjoy your PC with the best monitor

Every computer needs, as is evident, a good monitor in which to reproduce the images. This is helpful in many ways. On the one hand, if you are one of those who spend the day in front of the PC working or studying, thanks to it you will take care of your sight, since you will have to make less effort while writing or reading. Also, if you prefer to use it to play video games or watch movies and series, they are also capable of giving you the best image quality. And, at the moment, there are models that have nothing to envy to the TVs with higher resolution. So, if you are determined to live a new experience with your computer, a new monitor is exactly what you need.

Which monitor is better, LCD or LED? How to connect a monitor to the laptop?

This is a trick question. The reason lies in the fact that LED technology is an evolution of the LCD, so they should be considered, practically, as twins. However, LED monitors, for this same reason, are able to provide a much higher level of quality, resolution and sharpness. In fact, while LCD monitors are barely capable of delivering resolutions higher than the HD standard, LEDs easily reach Full HD and 4K. Therefore, if what you are looking for is the best image quality, these should be your choice.

Connecting a PC monitor to a laptop, that is, to a laptop computer, is really simple as long as you have the right cables and connectors in your power. In this sense, the first thing you should do is check the image signal entries that the screen has. Usually, these usually have a VGA and another DVI, although the most modern models also incorporate an HDMI, which offers much higher resolution standards. Once you identify them and do the same on your laptop, you only have to take an appropriate cable and connect both devices using it. When you turn on the monitor, automatically, you will see the computer's desktop.

How to choose a monitor?

- Look at the resolution. This will allow you to determine the playback quality of the monitor. In general, nowadays it is practically inexcusable that they are able to play content in Full HD or more.

- Verify that you have HDMI input. This will dramatically improve the quality of playback when you want to watch a movie, a series or a football game on your computer.

- Make sure you have your own USB. This will allow you to view any file without having to turn on the computer. For simple tasks and reproduction, it will be very useful to save energy.

- Attentive to the blue light protector. Sure, if you work in an office or study, you know very well that fixing your eyes on a computer monitor can harm your vision. This occurs, fundamentally, because of the blue light that some emit. If you have this technology, you will never suffer from this problem again.

- Value the high energy efficiency. Monitors with energy efficiency ratings above A allow you to save a good amount of energy. This will result in a quick amortization using your electricity bill.