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A monocular is a modified and portable telescope, similar to binoculars, but with a single prism. Also, it is of smaller dimensions, so it is very easy to transport it. It is a very useful optical instrument to see from a distance objects or landscapes that can not be seen at a glance.

What monocular to choose?

There are several types of monoculars in the market, differentiated according to their price, quality and technical characteristics. To choose yours, we recommend that you consider the money you are willing to invest, the use you are going to give, as well as the following details:

• The optics: The larger the diameter and the magnification level of the monocular, we can see a greater distance.

• Extras: Depending on the quality of the product, you will find models equipped with other accessories, such as water resistant materials or with an anti-fog function.

• Tripods: If you are not going to need to move your monocular, and you prefer to keep it fixed at a specific point, it may be useful to acquire one with a tripod on which to place it.

How do night vision monoculars work?

In the event that you need your monocular at night, it is best to acquire some with night vision. These are designed so you can continue using them when the sun goes down, in the most complex conditions, and with a vision as clear as if it were daytime. Before deciding on a monocular, you should check which system is in charge of controlling the darkness. For example, some models include an infrared system that allows you to observe objects at a great distance, while others include light amplifiers, which work by intensifying the amount of light received. In addition, something important to consider are batteries. You will find rechargeable monoculars through an external power supply or batteries.