Motocross Helmets

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Very different from the road helmet, the motocross helmet is designed primarily for visibility, comfort and protection. Thus, unlike a road helmet, it does not have a visor, offers a wider field of view, has a cap over the eyes to protect from splashing and glare, and has a more mentioned pronounced to facilitate breathing and maintenance.

How to choose a motocross helmet?

Here are some of the criteria for selecting a motocross helmet.

• With or without visor: Most motocross helmets do not have a visor. Indeed, it tends to get dirty or quickly get damaged on muddy or stony paths, which is why we prefer soft glasses. However, there are also anti-scratch models that offer effective sun protection. They can bring greater comfort of use than conventional models.

• The range: for an occasional motocross lover, an entry or mid-range headset may be enough, if it is homologated. On the other hand, for a frequent user, it is important to have a top-of-the-range model which will guarantee a good behavior of the foam in the time and during the washes.

• Removable interior: some models have removable side foams to more easily release the head in the event of an accident.

• Ventilation: the helmets whose top and the mentioned are ventilated offer a greater comfort of use.

• Weight: a lighter helmet will be more comfortable over time.