Motorbike Clothing

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If you are passionate about motorcycles and motorbikes, safety is the first factor to consider before taking a ride on the road.

Whether it's short urban journeys or real journeys, it is important to have quality motorcycle clothing that guarantees protection in the event of an accident and, at the same time, comfort and practicality.

Generally, the higher the price, the higher the quality of the products; however, inexpensive clothing can be used which guarantees a good level of protection. Alternatively, you can choose second-hand products that are still in good condition.

How to choose motorcycle clothing

The jacket is the main element in terms of safety; it is preferable to concentrate on short and fairly close-fitting models, waterproof and without parts that could get in the way. The materials to be preferred are the skin, ideal in the winter season or the cordura and the "d-dry", whose removable padding makes them suitable also in the summer season. It is advisable to purchase a model with integrated protections or one to which rigid internal protections can be applied to the shoulders, elbows, wrists and back to better protect the spine in the event of a fall.

As for the trousers, it is advisable to buy non-slip models with soft or semi-rigid protections on the knees and hips. They can be made of fabric or leather, padded and waterproof.

Gloves are important because they ensure optimal grip on the knobs; the palms have a layer of rough material that increases their sensitivity, allowing them to brake and accelerate properly. In this case, the material to be preferred is the skin, because it is much more resistant.

In case of rain it is advisable to wear a waterproof suit and the appropriate ankle boots, to facilitate the use of the bike.

The helmet should always be firm on the head and fairly light, but the model varies depending on the needs; the full-face helmet is ideal for total protection. The jet helmet, on the other hand, is open, with a visor but no mentor. The modular helmet has the characteristics of a full-face helmet, but with the possibility of raising the mentor if necessary.

How to wash motorcycle clothing

To wash clothing items for motorcyclists, we recommend that you read the label carefully so as not to damage the quality of the fabric.

As for the jacket, trousers and overalls, all internal protections must be removed, if possible. If there are noticeable stains it is advisable to pre-treat the garment, then proceed with hand or machine wash (maximum 30 °) with a mild neutral pH detergent. Drying should be done at room temperature by hanging the garments on hangers, turning them over after a few hours to dry the inside and not to deform them.

For leather garments we recommend removing dirt with a soft damp sponge and using neutral soaps or skin care products. To wash the helmet it is necessary to separate and wash the visor separately with water and soap; it is important to maintain the integrity of the shell and the padding, which must be washed exclusively with warm water and soap and left to dry at room temperature for 1-2 days. The exterior should be cleaned with a dry or damp cloth.

If you are looking for clothing or protection for motorcyclists, view this collection and discover all the options to drive safely!