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What you need to know about motorcycle helmets

You are passionate about motorcycles, speed, the roar of their engines. Great, then, security must also excite you. The motorcycle helmets, precisely, are key pieces in the safety of a motorcyclist, so before falling in love at first sight, reflect if that helmet that makes you fall in love and shoots you arrows so treacherously is right for you, for you motorcycle and for the use you will give it. When buying a motorcycle helmet, make sure it is homologated, that your size is what you need and that your design corresponds to the intentions you have for it. If you are very precise, you will look for your style and colors to match your beloved bike, although this aspect is not related to its functionality. But if you care, it's a factor to take into account, come on.

What motorcycle helmet do you recommend? Which motorcycle helmets are approved?

More than choosing by brand, although the most prestigious firms are a sure bet for quality, you have to choose to value the design, the materials of manufacture and the size, aspect that is fundamental for your safety and your comfort. If you do not know what your size is, the first thing you have to do is take a tape measure and measure the contour of your head, over the height of the ears. In general you will see motorcycle helmets carved in centimeters and their corresponding size. So, you have XS (52-54 cm), S (55-56 cm), M (57-59 cm), L (59-60 cm), XL (61-62 cm) and XXL (63-64 cm) . If you usually wear glasses, take the measurement with the glasses on.

With regard to homologation, keep in mind that legal motorcycle helmets in Spain and Europe comply with ECE / ONU R22 regulations, regulated in the General Circulation Regulations. In addition, there are other homologations, and two very widespread are the SNELL and the DOT, both American organizations. Finally, the SHARP report (Safety Helmet Assessment Rating Program) evaluates the level of safety of motorcycle helmets, since this level is established after submitting them to all types of destructive tests. Keep in mind that the maximum SHARP score is 6.

How to choose motorcycle helmets?

- Clear motorcycle helmets or bright colors help you to be visible, so they are a good alternative. If you prefer black or dark tones, make sure it includes reflective materials and a bright visor.

- Another important aspect is the ventilation of motorcycle helmets. The openings of entrance and exit of air allow the flow of fresh air, always beneficial.

- If you want to buy a motorcycle helmet for motocross, trial, enduro and other extreme disciplines, choose lightweight helmets with a very ventilated chin guard, and preferably with a visor. If you do not like this type of motorcycle helmets with a visor, use them with the corresponding glasses.

- To travel through urban or village environments, quiet, you can choose the charming vintage helmets or jet. They offer a little less protection than the integral ones, but to ride a scooter or low displacement motorcycles they go well.

- If you prefer to invest in an item of high category, which is worth to different types of motorcycle, lean towards the innovative multimodular motorcycle helmets. They adapt to both urban and enduro environments, and transform them simply by coupling or removing parts.