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Buying rider bags for motorcycle and / or leather does not result from a hazardous choice. You have to think about the use you want to make of it: do you travel often for long periods or rather small weekends? You also determine the fastening systems and the capacity of your luggage according to the model of your bike and the desired aesthetic. We have decoded for you the most important criteria to buy your saddlebags and leather for motorcycle.

What type of bag do you want?

Saddlebags are the best known. They bring a superb aesthetic touch, especially to bikers and rockers in the soul. They are appreciated for their practicality and capacity of capacity. Moreover, their aesthetic is not left out! Make sure, however, that they adapt perfectly to your faithful steed.

There are also the fork bags, which can be just as aesthetic. Especially when they come in leather. They are sometimes sold in packs with saddlebags, to offer you a design and consistent.

You can also opt for a saddle bag more or less rigid. They are often nylon and have a large capacity. Their look is usually rather sporty, but the lines are more and more design.

The reservoir bags, meanwhile, are also nylon. Their advantage is above all to offer storage compartments. An ideal comfort when traveling, for an optimal organization.

Specificities of saddlebags to take into account when choosing:

First check the bag opening system. Some open all around and allow you to load them more easily. The opening, if zipped, must have a protective flap to ensure a perfect seal.

The saddlebags usually get on the saddle. If the strap does not allow you to go underneath, check that it guarantees the comfort of your passenger.

Then make sure that the securing system of your saddlebags on the sides of your motorcycle are not too complex to install. You have the choice between a system with laces or bungees. Prefer the first one if you plan long, exhausting distances, since it is easier to use.

Check the weight of your panniers and their distance from the muffler and passenger footrests. To avoid any discomfort, discomfort or risk, it is an essential check.

Which material do you prefer?

The real question is rather do you want to buy leather saddlebags or synthetic nylon saddlebags?

Leather gives you an incomparable aesthetic, it is very resistant and has a better longevity than synthetic. Nevertheless, its impermeability is lacking. Two solutions are available to ensure a better seal: buy a nylon lined leather bag or get nylon bags.

Nylon also offers excellent strength and allows you to vary colors and patterns to suit your preferences.

You finally have the solution of saddlebags made of hard and resistant plastic. A lightweight, aesthetic and practical solution with key locks or codes.