Motorbike Protective Trousers

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The motorcycle pants should bring comfort and safety, and if possible a certain style. Highly resistant, it will protect you from injury in the event of a fall and can enhance its benefits with its inserts or shells knees and hips.

How to choose a motorcycle pants?

To properly choose your motorcycle pants, you need to determine what type of biker you are. Do you take your motorcycle occasionally for short walks? Do you use it every day to go to work? Or are you more like going on long road trips?

• Textile or leather: for occasional use, you can just jeans pants that can pass for pants city. These are comfortable and lightweight pants, but offer only minimal protection in the event of a fall. For frequent use, opt for a synthetic fiber reinforced knee and hips model, or even a leather model, which will offer the best protection.

• Weather resistance: Synthetic gore-tex or treated leather models are the ones that offer the best impermeability.

• Temperature: If you drive only in the summer, choose a lighter and more breathable model. If you ride in cold weather, take leather or thick pants.

• Fitting Closure: If you do not like drafts, a model with zippers to connect to the jacket will limit wind gain.

• Number of pockets: Depending on the model, motorcycle pants may offer more or less pockets.