Motorbike Tank Bags

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Tank bags - safe and comfortable transport on the motorcycle

A tank bag is a practical bag that is placed on the fuel tank of a motorcycle to increase the transport capacity of the vehicle. So various items can be stored safely and conveniently. In the meantime, there are numerous shapes and variants and, in addition, sophisticated transport systems that can be fitted differently.

How to attach tank bags to the motorcycle?

Basically, there are different types of fastening, which differ not least in their safety component from each other. By default, a tank bag system securely and reliably attaches the backpack to the tank with a mounting plate. This system convinces by fast assembly and can be dismantled quickly if required. If your motorcycle has a ferromagnetic material tank, you can attach the backpack with a very strong permanent magnet. And the system with the so-called Quick-Lock belts is often used. A special folder in the upper part serves to stabilize the backpack and is ideal for placing roadbooks or maps.

How to choose the right tank bag

When choosing a tank bag many factors play a major role: - A tank bag must not be too large, so it does not interfere with the operation of the handlebar.- The tank bag should be windproof and above all watertight, even in bad weather conditions To provide protection for the contents.- The attachment of the backpack should be easy to solve, and the backpack should definitely have a carrying device so that you can take it with you during the breaks.