Motorbike Tank Pads

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When you own a motorcycle, whether racing or dedicated to long journeys on the road, attention to detail in aesthetics and mechanics becomes fundamental. Whether you are an expert biker or just a fan of the personalization of your motorcycle, an accessory you can't do without to stand out and beautify your vehicle with functionality is the tank guard.

How to choose the tank guard

The motorcycle tank guard can be chosen based on personal taste, the brand of the motorcycle you own, the material you prefer and the aesthetic demands of the vehicle.

Tank guards are generally in the form of adhesives to be applied to the motorcycle tank. They can have an aesthetic function, non-slip or both, depending on the consistency.

The production materials of the tank adhesive are generally plastic, rubber or resin and are made in 3D or smooth version, each of which contributes to create a different effect.

How to apply the tank guard

To apply the tank guard on the motorcycle, it is advisable to follow the instructions on the package by the individual manufacturers; however, there is a general method by which to glue the tank adhesive. First of all it is necessary to carefully clean the tank from grease and dust with a soft and dry cloth (the use of denatured alcohol is not recommended). Subsequently, it is advisable to mark with a marker some references to fix the adhesive tank exactly at the desired point. To proceed with the application it is better to start from one end and slowly, with your fingers or a cloth, attach all the adhesive. All the adhesives should be attached at an average temperature of not less than 20 degrees but, in order to obtain better results and guarantee the complete adhesion of the adhesive, it is advisable to heat both the adhesive (especially if made of resin) and the tank.