Motorbike Theft Protection

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The biggest fear for a bike enthusiast is that his motorcycle is stolen. For this reason, to be able to sleep peacefully even when you do not have a garage or you have to park your motorbike in an area away from your home, it is advisable to equip yourself with systems designed to prevent theft.

There is no single model of anti-theft for motorcycles, but different systems, in many cases integrated with each other.

Types of anti-theft devices for motorcycles

The anti-theft systems basically fall into two categories:

• chains with padlock

• disk locking systems

The chains with padlock are the simplest and most intuitive system. To avoid rust problems and to protect them from bad weather they are always equipped with an external covering in synthetic fabric. The various types of chains differ in length, thickness of the rings and especially the construction materials.

The thickness of the rings, which can even exceed 15 mm, determines the resistance opposite to the trenches, the most used tool by thieves. Likewise, it is important to choose the materials carefully: the cheapest models are made of simple steel while the more resistant models are made of special alloys. We must not underestimate the resistance of the lock, in order to avoid having a weak link in its chain.

Disk locking systems mainly offer the advantage of a smaller footprint. They are blocks that are installed on the wheel disk: when the anti-theft key is turned, a pin is inserted into the holes of the disc, preventing rotation. Depending on the thickness of the pin, and the material with which it is built, the reliability of the alarm increases. Many models are equipped with a motion sensor which, in the event of jolts, activates a powerful acoustic signal that also reaches 120 decibels: able to scare off bad guys and alert those in the vicinity.

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