Motorbike Top Cases

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Select the ideal top case for your bike

The top case is a storage equipment for motorcycles, there are also versions of top case for scooter or 125. It is clear that it is almost essential since the storage is virtually nonexistent on a motorcycle. It is very practical to securely transport your everyday objects: business affairs, change of clothes, small errands in the middle of the week. It is also ideal for carrying your helmet and that of your prospective passenger during longer trips. It is even possible for you to add an internal bag, to allow to have compartments and to better protect your business. Similarly, for this type of trip, it provides a more or less comfortable support to increase passenger comfort. Follow the guide through the different choices available to you, to buy the ideal top case.

What are the technical criteria to check?

Criterion 1: check before purchase the permissible PTAC

It is important to check the authorized permissible GVW of your vehicle, to know the load that you will be able to integrate. From this information comes directly the top box that you can acquire, especially in terms of dimensions. This check is all the more important when you plan to purchase a combined top case for adding side cases.

If you can afford it, prefer to buy a big top box, since the price is not greatly impacted by the change in size. However, check that it is possible for your passenger to ride safely because of the congestion generated.

Remember to examine the fixing system of your top box

It is strongly recommended to choose a top case that attaches to the reinforced bodywork elements of your motorcycle such as the anchored passenger footrest or the rear frame. Any other system is to be avoided since it does not allow a sufficiently reliable and solid fixation.

Which criteria of comfort and security to take into account?

Make a smart investment

When buying a top case, it is advisable to favor a recognized brand. In addition to guaranteeing you a good quality of design and materials. In case of problems, it will be easier for you to benefit from a reliable and responsive after-sales service or to buy wear parts, immediately or quickly available. The parts concerned are usually locks, hooks, hinges, etc.

Keep a good aerodynamics of your vehicle

The top box has a strong impact on driving and aerodynamics due to its weight and position on the back of the bike. It is therefore important to choose a model whose recent aerodynamics, incorporates all the advances in technology. Yes, even if you find this beautiful vintage leather square top case!

Be very vigilant during your first outings

If your clutter is only in the passenger seat, he will have to pay attention to the ascent and descent, to avoid falling. Indeed, the top box usually requires to increase the span of the necessary stride to get on board.

As a driver, be particularly careful when driving when you have sideways. You take more space, so be careful not to damage the mirrors or the sides of cars.