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Furniture fittings are primarily components. These are attached to large parts made of wood or plastic and, as in our example of furniture. Their main purpose is the introduction of forces, for which the fitting is made in various forms. So this can be a handle or, for example, a hinge. But also an attached element which serves only the decoration, belongs to the family of furniture fittings. These are, as the name might suggest, but not only used for furniture. They are also often seen on doors, windows and gates. Even in shipbuilding these are frequently seen. With their ornaments, the furniture fittings can not just decorate, but even shape the whole style and thus become an important part of your decoration.

What are furniture fittings used for?

Furniture fittings are about as diverse in shape and material as the tasks you get. Since many of them are visibly attached to the outside of the furniture, they are often subject to rapid changes. After all, trends in the industry are changing at a similar rate as in fashion. Here, furniture fittings are used in a variety of areas. First of all, there are the so-called useful elements. These include, for example, the rails that make your sofa undress. They are rarely visible and therefore designed purely for their function. In addition to this type of furniture fittings, there are also the decorative elements. These are then subdivided into those that really have no purpose in addition to the ornament and those that have at least a creative side function. The latter include, for example, the handles on the refrigerator. You could open it in a different way, but with one of these furniture fittings, it often fits better into the overall picture of the kitchen. Thus, these components are often used throughout the home or in your own home without being perceived separately.

What material should furniture fittings be?

Once it has been broken down to the essential, furniture fittings fulfill three different tasks. You can connect two different components that decorate furniture itself and they can also provide protection for heavily used or sensitive surfaces. Since it is understandable that furniture fittings are made of a variety of materials. Which material you should choose depends of course on the purpose. For example, if an item fulfills a purpose, then it should be stable in the first place. Especially metals are recommended for this purpose. Furniture fittings made of stainless steel or brass not only fulfill their tasks, they also look good and are therefore very popular. Cast iron elements are also very good and are mainly used for the antique look. In addition to those made of metal, there are also furniture fittings made of plastic. These are particularly impressive because of their very large variety of shapes and forms, which is why they can be easily attached to almost any piece of furniture. However, they should not have a supporting function because they are not quite as stable. However, you are particularly worthwhile for garden furniture, as they are weather-resistant. In addition, furniture fittings made of plastic are very easy to clean and easy to clean.

How are furniture fittings properly assembled?

Since there are furniture fittings in so many shapes and types, the right assembly of course depends on the model. Therefore always follow the enclosed instructions for use. Normally, however, they can simply be screwed on. When it comes to wood, you usually do not even have to pre-drill. Just mark the spot, move everything straight and ready with the spirit level.