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Our sweetest memories of childhood are often linked to the music of lullaby, when their reassuring melodies accompanied us into the fairy world of dreams. Generation after generation, the enchanted sound of these musical boxes accompanied the delicate moment of sleep, creating a ritual of passage from the day full of stimuli and activities to deep sleep. In fact, listening to relaxing music before going to sleep slows down the heart rate, adapting it to the musical rhythm, naturally balancing the sleep-wake rhythms of the child; folk wisdom has always recognized the important role of music in the life of children and every tradition has its own nursery rhymes and songs to make them sleep. Giving a cute animal or a musical carousel to your child, therefore, is a great way to guarantee peaceful nights, and the choice of models is really wide: the most classic ones are in wood, but there are plush puppets to keep in the cot or interactive games to hang on the edge of the cradle.

Plush animal or musical carousel?

The objects in decorated wood will certainly satisfy those who love a more classic style: the musical mobiles in this material perfectly match the real ones and the elegant movement of the characters that revolve around the pin to the rhythm of the melody is really very nice to see. Furthermore they become original decoration elements for the children's bedroom, which will surely have fun operating them even during the day. Alternatively, the box version is equally refined and if necessary also becomes a practical storage compartment: it can represent the protagonists of the cartoon world or contain the typical ballerina who dances and pirouettes to the rhythm of music, still much loved by the girls of every age. If the gift is intended for infants or very young children, the choice can fall on a tender little animal. The puppets with musical mechanism are specifically designed for the little ones, with resistant stitching and hypoallergenic materials, and can easily be worn even to bed. The internal device is removable, so you can wash them comfortably (by hand or in the washing machine, depending on the instructions in the article). A separate consideration is up to the musical carousels in cloth, to hang on the cradle or the cot: they are composed of hanging elements that stimulate the visual, motor and tactile abilities (the characters are detachable) of the smallest and, usually, are suitable for 3 months per year of life approx. They can be used at all times when it is useful to entertain the child and are also available in a travel version, easily placed in the car; they are also equipped with a system to block the sounds when needed (for example if the child falls asleep).

How to choose a music box?

- Consider the age of the child and focus on suitable items, also considering the size of the various elements (games with accessories that are too small are not recommended for newborns) - Making sure to choose the most loved characters by the child for whom the child is intended 'article (dancer, stuffed bunny, protagonists of fairy tales and so on) - Pay attention to the fact that the materials, fabrics and colors used are non-toxic - For older children, a nice idea is given by the cardboard music boxes, operated with a crank and with visible mechanism: observing the gears that move will excite their innate curiosity