Neon Spots & Bars

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To customize your car and improve its performance, the installation of neon bars and lights is right for you.

Car neon from inside create a unique and comfortable driving environment, while the colored outdoor stripes with fun light effects make the bodywork a collector's item.

Using a small remote control the lights can also change color; moreover, some models can be controlled directly via tablet and smartphone, using a simple application.

Flashing bars and neon headlights for cars

Next to the decorative lights, there are other types of neon lights for cars with more practical function.

Neon lights are available for cars to be installed in addition to the headlights supplied, which increase the illumination of the vehicle and therefore the visibility of the driver.

For example neon or ultra-powerful LED fog lights, ideal if installed on off-road vehicles or on rally cars, to ensure maximum visibility even when the weather conditions and the road surface are not the best.

Some long-beam headlights of long rectangular shape are mounted instead on the roof of the car and are generally equipped with the so-called flash effect, that is of flashing light.

The colored emergency flashing bars also install on the roof or front windshield, using simple suction cups and are very useful for signaling any problems or failures of the vehicle. Some models connect to the cigarette lighter of the vehicle and do not require any type of installation.