Nesting Tables

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If there is furniture that is always needed in any room, it is the tables. What's better then to have different sizes, which rank by stacking without cluttering the space? Nesting tables welcome a lamp or any object of ornament. Nevertheless, their role can become purely practical in a kitchen or workshop to put essential utensils. Round, square, rectangular and even triangular ... Let yourself be guided by your inspiration.

What are the materials used for nesting tables?

The glass trundle is perfect for a design interior. In addition, it is easy to maintain: just swipe to restore its brilliance in a jiffy. The wood and metal versions match an industrial spirit and are suitable for both an office and a living room. More country-style, the trundle coffee table in two tones remains a timeless. It offers a natural oak tray, but feet painted in pastel colors.

How to choose nesting tables?

- Use materials that adapt to the use for which you intend them: resistant for intensive use, aesthetic for a refined decoration.

- Elect high models if you want to use them as pedestal tables or bedside tables.

- Prefer a discreet design that you will not get tired of over time.