Nursery Curtains

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The arrival of a new member to the family always causes a stir at home. All preparations seem little to receive the child in the best way, and is that with them every detail counts. One of the aspects you must take care of is the room where you will rest. When you want to create a suitable environment for your development, seemingly secondary aspects, such as baby curtains, take on great importance.

What curtains to put in the baby's room?

When choosing curtains for your baby's room, you should take into account the following aspects:

• Light: The amount of light that enters through the window is a very important aspect. You must take into account that the child will spend many hours sleeping the first few months, so you will need a space with soft light, but not in darkness, since you must get used to the daily cycle. Therefore, if a lot of light comes in through the window, it is convenient to use thick curtains, while if there is little light it is better to use a thinner fabric.

• Fabric: Not only will it help you to control the amount of light, it will also influence the lighting tone of the room. It is advisable to use light or warm fabrics to create a cozy atmosphere. In addition, it is advisable to use fabrics that are easy to machine wash, such as cotton.

• Type: Blinds, falls, with double curtains ... this is a very personal choice, and must be in keeping with the layout of the room and the aesthetics of the room.

• Design: There are multiple curtain designs for baby, from smooth to patterned. If you choose the second ones, try to make the motives pleasant and that their colors do not contrast to a great extent with the soft tone of the rest of the fabric.