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The bedroom, for a newborn, is the first personal and private space after the mother's belly. It is therefore essential that the furnishings and the arrangement of the accessories are designed to make them feel comfortable and protected, guaranteeing peaceful nights and all the security they need. From loungers to changing tables, to the entire range of play containers, the choice to furnish the little ones' room is really wide: the advice is to buy immediately all the indispensable ones, gradually adding other useful or decorative elements depending on of needs.

What are the most functional accessories for baby's bedroom?

The choice of furnishing accessories for the bedroom depends on the size available and also on the function you want to give to each individual space. Space-saving solutions, such as hanging shelves and storage compartments, are extremely useful in a small-sized room and allow you to have everything you need at hand. When the child grows it is advisable to also think of solutions to contain his games and keep the clothes in order: a colored coat hanger or a pop-up container for toys will optimize space, furnishing your room with joy.

How to choose furniture for the baby's bedroom?

- For newborns up to the age of one, consider first of all if the bedroom will only be used for sleeping or will also have to contain a changing table

- For older children, place sets of play furniture in the bedroom

- Bookcases in colored wood and fabric are the ideal solution for arranging tactile books or stimulating toys