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Carpets for children: joy and fun in the bedroom

They are used as rugs, to liven up and color the bedroom and, of course, as a basis for the game: the rugs for children, as well as with cheerful and appealing designs, conquer with their usefulness. Choose them to ensure your children a soft, warm and comfortable corner, where they can have fun in complete freedom: on the carpet the little ones will let their imagination run wild and can move and fall safely, thanks to the cushioned surface.

How to clean children's rugs

The little ones play with it, use it as a desk to color and sometimes even make us a snack: the carpets, for them, are a sort of free zone and, considering that we will spend a lot of time, you will have to keep them always sanitized. Fortunately, most models can be cleaned with a sponge or put in the washing machine but if not, you can also use dry cleaning. A very popular solution involves the use of baking soda, to be spread on the surface and leave for half an hour, before removing it with a vacuum cleaner. This method, completely natural and non-toxic, gives new life to the colors, is effective even against the most stubborn stains and, moreover, will allow you to defeat the dust mites, so feared by allergic children.

How to choose the rug for children

- If you already know where you will put it, measure the space available to select a carpet of adequate size

- To protect your little ones from cold and falls, bet on a thermally insulated, padded and non-slip bottom model

- Find out about maintenance and washing methods immediately

- To conquer the little ones, opt for colorful creations and fun toy rugs; for older children, instead, go for modern and trendy models