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One of the keys to a happy life is to enjoy a house and an orderly work environment. And is that, although often underestimated, a good distribution of space helps to clear the mind, facilitates concentration and, in general, brings harmony. Getting some balance in the middle of chaos is not always easy, but an infallible method to achieve this is to have a clean and well-organized desk.

Luckily, there is a wide variety of work tables in the market, so, with a simple search, we sure find the model that best suits our needs.

How to choose the perfect desk?

When choosing the desk of our dreams, we must take into account, at least, three aspects:

• The material that is made: There are currently desks made of very different materials, including oak, metal, bamboo or melanin.

• The elements that make it up: According to our storage needs we will choose a desk with two drawers or another that only has a board. Also, it is possible to lean towards the intermediate option: a desk with a lower shelf or with a side drawer. Another possibility is to choose a desktop with specific support for the computer.

• The style of the desk: If we seek to recreate a rustic environment, we will opt for a robust wooden desk in natural color. On the contrary, if we look for something more vintage, we will choose white lacquered wood. And, if our ideal atmosphere has industrial or futuristic airs, we will opt for a metallic desk with refined and minimalist lines.

Space problems? Then the solution is a folding desk, which occupies little space and is easily assembled and disassembled. Any architect in the room? Drawing tables with a board are the solution to your prayers.