Outdoor Aquatic Plants

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Water plants are considered very attractive jewelry for the local aquarium or for the garden pond. The genus is characterized by the fact that the plants are planted under the water surface. Some species must be covered by water as a whole. So there are grasses, which also form their flowers under the water surface. The most famous aquatic plant is the water lily. It is also planted under water. During her growth, she stretches far upward, so that the leaves float on the water surface. In nature, the water lilies occur in ponds, rivers and lakes in the area of ​​the shores. In the garden pond they convince with an undemanding care. All water lilies form beautiful flowers, which bloom clearly visible above the water surface.

The reed is one of the water plants that grow on the shore and permanently wet roots need to thrive well. When setting up your garden pond, you can combine different aquatic plants. When keeping fish or other aquatic animals, grasses that grow below the surface of the water are recommended. Water lilies or sea lilies create a beautiful picture on the water surface. You can decorate the edges of your pond with reeds or other plants that only need a moist root for their growth.

Another category is the free-floating aquatic plants. Although they also form roots, they do not connect to the soil, but lie freely in the water. The leaves of these plants cause them to float on the water surface.

For aquariums grasses are recommended, which grow under the water surface. They provide fish with a natural habitat and provide algae for food. In addition, your aquarium gets a very appealing look through the water plants. Even the free-floating aquatic plants look really good in aquariums.

What makes a water plant different from a land plant?

Both plant species have similarities and differences. You need water to develop well. Land plants and aquatic plants produce leaves and flowers of various shapes and colors. The difference is that aquatic plants either thrive under the water surface or at least form the roots under water. Land plants thrive in different soils. Some like it rather dry, others prefer heavy and damp soils that like to be rich in nutrients. All plants need water, but in different amounts. The land plant gets water permanently, rot the roots and the plant enters. The aquatic plant would dry up on land. It is important that you create an environment that suits your species for each plant. Only a few land plants feel really well in damp areas. Aquatic plants can not cope with the conditions on land. This means that you can not exchange both plant species.

How to choose the right aquatic plants?

- Which plants are ideal for the aquarium? In principle, all aquatic plants that are not so large and rooted flat are suitable for the aquarium. Gladly plants are used, which thrive completely under water.

- Which plants thrive well in the garden pond? This depends on the size of the garden pond. When buying, pay attention to the size of the mature plant and adapt it to the dimensions of your garden pond.

- How are the plants shipped? When ordering online, delivery takes place in a container filled with water. Thus, the plants are in their usual environment during transport.