Outdoor Trampolines

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Have fun and train with the trampolines

Loved by children as much as by adults, the trampoline allows you to combine muscle training with pure and simple fun, while improving the ability to coordinate legs and arms. Its structure consists essentially of a carpet made of elastic material, able to provide the necessary momentum to perform jumps and acrobatics in flight. The edges of the rug are generally padded, in order to guarantee the right protection from possible injuries.

Outdoor and indoor trampoline: what are the differences between the two models?

Unlike what happens with the indoor trampoline, the one designed for the garden has a safety net, reinforced with galvanized steel pipes that can prevent the risk of overturning. This makes it particularly useful if it is mainly intended for children, who can thus have fun in complete tranquility. The materials used for the outdoor item are specially selected and treated in such a way as to be resistant to UV rays and atmospheric agents.

How to choose an elastic trampoline?

- Pay attention to the number of springs incorporated in the trampoline: the more they are, the greater the height that can be reached with a jump

- The overall dimensions of the article are evaluated: the mat without net is generally better indicated in the case in which there is limited space

- Check that the assembly system complies with the basic safety standards