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With an XXL armchair you get a comfortable seating in the house, which looks stylish on top of that. A Big armchair is an eyecatcher in the living room and offers plenty of space to enjoy the end of work alone or as a couple. The XXL armchairs are available in many variants.

What types of XXL armchairs are there?

Big armchairs are characterized by the fact that they are very large and comfortable and thus suitable for one person as a recliner or for several people to sit and lie down. Often, particularly comfortable, generous armchairs for one person are called XXL armchairs. Another variant of the XXL armchairs are TV armchairs with practical stand-up aids. Modern TV-Relax armchairs or designer armchairs, which are particularly large, are sometimes also called XXL armchairs.

How to choose an XXL armchair

- What is the available space in the room? Due to their dimensions, Big armchairs are not suitable for very small spaces.

- What functions should the chair fulfill? Should also several people find space on it or the Big armchair can also be used as a recliner? The function of the stand-up aid or an adjustable back is also partially offered.

- Does the chair fit the interior design style? In a traditionally furnished living room fits a classic XXL chair better than an extravagant designer armchair.

- Which material do you prefer? There are XXL armchairs with leather, fabric or synthetic leather upholstery.

- How high may the price be? Here you will find XXL armchairs in all price ranges.