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It is nice to be able to make the most of the outdoor spaces of the house: to shelter from the sun and enjoy moments with friends outdoors, choose an outdoor umbrella to decorate the garden, the terrace or the patio. It is a small investment that will give added value to your home, giving the whole family a place to relax and spend time with friends.

Umbrellas: models and style tips

Over time, even umbrellas have become a design element, essential for furnishing any domestic outdoor space.

Here are some types of umbrellas to choose from, which stand out not only for their appearance but also for their structural characteristics:

• Garden umbrellas: the design of this umbrella is unmistakable and is characterized by the classic bell-shaped appearance, with stripes, polka dots or other colorful patterns, it is the ideal companion for sheltering from sunny or rainy days, depending on the weather.

• Wooden umbrellas: one of the most popular models. Thanks to the natural material, they are able to give the feeling of rustic luxury and an elegant atmosphere.

• Fiberglass umbrellas: particularly ideal for outdoor use. Glass fiber is decidedly stronger and more resistant to face weather disturbances than aluminum or wooden models. This particular fiber can in fact bend and flex under the wind and then return to its original shape without breaking or bending.

• Aluminum umbrellas: give the room a modern look and are known for their long life and robust features. Aluminum is in fact light and does not rust, and the various colors and finishes of the frame can be combined with any home decor.

How to choose the garden umbrella

In addition to the model, there are other features to consider when choosing an outdoor umbrella.

The size of the umbrella determines the width of the shadow it will create. Think about how much shade you want and how much space is available in the garden or on the patio. Ideally, the umbrella should be as wide as the table you want to cover, plus half a meter on each side.

The height of the umbrella pole is also important: it must be high enough not to get in the way, but not too high so as not to lose its function. The minimum recommended height is 2 meters and 20.

Models with the ability to tilt the pole (and then rotate the shadow gradually) are perfect for protecting or repairing yourself at any time of day.

If you plan to use an umbrella to shield the patio table from the sun, table umbrellas are the most economical and easily interchangeable solution.

However, if you want the parasol to cast a shadow over a different part of the patio, such as poolside loungers or the children's play area, a model with the base is the best choice.

Having a sufficiently large and heavy base is fundamental: if the umbrella is attached only to the table it will not have sufficient stability. Also make sure that the chosen base is designed to fit the diameter of the umbrella pole.