Parking Discs

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A parking disc is attached to the car's inner windscreen. It serves to display the parking time. It has a scale on which the half and full hours of the time are displayed. Turning sets the arrival time in the parking lot. Decisive is half or full hour of the time. The classic parking disc is blue and has a white scale. She is stuck behind the windshield. Alternatively, you can opt for a model that can be securely attached to the windscreen with a squeegee.

Is an electronic parking disc allowed?

Electronic parking discs are only allowed if they are not equipped with a function for automatic continuation of the time. Some models have a battery that keeps the parking disc spinning. This would mean that you can park the vehicle for an unlimited time. If you get caught in the use of such a model, a fine threatens. A parking disc in which the time is displayed digitally may be used.

How to choose a suitable parking disc?

- What equipment must be considered when buying the parking disc? Parking discs must clearly mark the time of arrival. For this reason, the parking disc should have large numbers. A squeegee is advantageous for the parking disc to sit properly.

- Are there uniform rules for the design of the parking disc? No. There are also models in the form of a watch for attachment to the windshield.