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Pasta machines: a little taste of Italy at home

Food lovers are unanimous: fresh pasta has an inimitable taste. Real institution in Italy, they come in different forms: spaghetti, angel hair, ravioli, lasagna or tagliatelle. The fresh pasta machine is one of those kitchen tools that are difficult to do without. Note that acquiring this device offers a number of benefits. In addition to the pleasure of consuming its own preparations, it allows you to make your meals according to your desires and your food choices. So you can vary the basic ingredient: wheat flour, buckwheat, gluten-free, etc. The possibility is also offered to develop pasta with different thicknesses and shapes. Finally, if you want to try new culinary experiences, you can color your preparations. To do this, simply add tomato paste to the confectionery to obtain red, saffron for orange, spinach cooked for green, cuttle ink for black and tomato paste. beetroot for rose.

Electric or manual pasta machine: what are the differences?

Simple but well thought out, the manual pasta machine consists of two cylinders mounted in opposite direction of rotation. Mobilizing a little elbow grease, this device offers you the satisfaction of doing all the preparation yourself. Perfect for single people or small families, it can be used to make lasagna plates, cannelloni, spaghetti and tagliatelle. Resolutely practical, it can be used everywhere, even in places where there is no electricity. Equipped with a fastener in the form of a clamp, this accessory easily attaches to the worktop. It is manipulable using a crank and equipped with a rolling mill that allows you to spread your paste to the desired thickness. Note that the fineness of the dough depends on the graduations that appear on the device. The higher the number, the finer it will be. Resembling visually to the manual model, the electric machine makes it possible to prepare pasta in record time. Thanks to its integrated motor, it is capable of producing up to 1 kg of pasta with each use. Some variants equipped with a tank even allow you to go to other occupations, waiting for your preparation is ready.

How to choose a pasta machine?

- When buying, take into account the storage space you have.

- Choose a manual machine if you do not have large quantities of pasta to make.

- Opt for a model with a dryer to extend your spaghetti or tagliatelle.

- If you do not like to waste time cooking and want to make a lot of fresh pasta, prefer an electric machine.

- Make sure the voltage of your appliance is suitable for your electrical installation.

- Remember to check that the grids and molds provided are sufficient to allow you to make different varieties of pasta.

- Let yourself be tempted by a stainless steel model. This material is indeed more robust and durable than plastic.

- Plan on a fresh pasta machine that is easy to handle and clean.