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Are you tired of the tinny sound of your laptop speakers and looking for alternatives? PC speaker systems can help. They are available in different price levels and grades. Is classic stereo sufficient for you or does it have to be cinema-quality surround sound? The following overview can help you in choosing the right speaker.

Why PC speakers?

Monitors and laptops usually have built-in speakers, often with a rather moderate sound. This disturbs the enjoyment of music and reduces the movie or gaming experience. Powerful PC speakers promise better sound quality and provide multimedia applications with a rich sound. Small and compact, they take up little space and can be easily placed on the desk. Also, they are much more comfortable than headphones that squeeze painfully on the ears after prolonged use. Particularly sophisticated are wireless Bluetooth models.

Which is my speaker type?

PC speakers are available in three common designs. 2.0 speakers are classic stereo boxes and are among the simplest and cheapest models. They provide good sound sufficient for listening to music in smaller rooms and are suitable for normal computer applications. At the next level is the 2.1 system. These PC speakers have an extra subwoofer for a rich bass sound. The basses give the tracked more depth and timbre, which works well in action games. Thanks to their jack connection, they do not need a sound card. Who does not want to give up an optimal surround sound and has a little more space, should resort to 5.1 speakers. With two speakers per computer side and a fifth loudspeaker placed over the monitor, they provide impressive cinema sound. An additional subwoofer guarantees sonic bass sounds. This PC speaker system is ideal for real cineastes and music lovers. It is great for playing movies and offers perfect music enjoyment. The disadvantage: It requires a 5.1 sound card and is priced to settle mostly in the three-digit range.