Pedal Cars

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Pedal cars - dream cars for the youngest

No child can resist the fascination of a pedal car. To whiz through the house, the garden or the park with the colorful flitzers is a lot of fun. Even for the smallest car fans, there are great models and for older children are fast go-karts a real hit. The pedal cars are fun and also train the motor skills of your sweetheart.

What options does a pedal car offer?

With a pedal car, you really get your kid going. It's just a lot of fun to move forward with your own strength. In addition, children love to imitate the big ones and many a passionate motorist thinks back to his first go-kart as an adult. With a pedal car movement comes into play and Tablet & Co. are logged off. Instead it says: Get out in the fresh air.

How to choose a pedal car?

- For which age group should the pedal car be suitable? For very small children up to two years, there are cute slip-cars, with which they can start their first attempts on wheels. For the big ones are high-quality go-karts available, which can be used as a sports equipment.

- Is the child a fan of a special character? Take a look at the Disney-themed cars or give your Bat-Bat to a little Batman fan.

- How much do you want to spend? There are cheap pedal cars and high-quality expensive models that are very robust and thus can still be inherited to the little brother or little sister.