Pedestal Fans

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Since the dawn of time man has used fans to cool off in the hottest days. This simple idea has undergone a radical evolution with the industrial revolution, when the first apparatus with rotating blades fed with steam and then with electric current appeared. The first electric fan was created in the 1880s by the American Schuyler Wheeler, whose idea has come down to us in the form of a wide range of models to choose from.

In particular, floor standing fans, that is, resting on the floor, are among the most widespread models in offices, public spaces and even private homes.

How to choose the floor fan

The standing fans are designed to cool rooms and medium-sized rooms, offering refreshment to more people. Depending on the size of the room it is possible to choose models with more or less wide blades and more or less powerful wattage. However, these two characteristics will affect the noise level of the device and the amount of energy consumed.

The key to the success of these devices lies in the structure: the ideal floor lamp must be light, to be moved easily, but also solid and stable, to reduce vibrations. In some cases it can be telescopic, to reduce clutter when not in use.

Almost all models then have a motor that allows horizontal oscillation, so that the blades can move air in several directions: it will therefore be sufficient to place the instrument in a corner to cool the whole room.

Another noteworthy feature is the possibility to adjust the speed of the blades.

Today technological advances have led to even more effective solutions: there are models equipped with timers and remote controls, hypersilent to be used in offices, and above all there are revolutionary models without shovels. The latter have the appearance of an oval or an empty circle, at the center of which however, due to the action of an aspirator placed at the base, a strong air current is created which is directed towards the room.