Picnic Baskets & Hampers

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The image of a picnic basket is associated with the light-heartedness of a moment of relaxation spent in the midst of nature. It is an object of timeless charm and an indispensable ally to organize a full-scale picnic.

The baskets are available complete with equipment for the picnic or without. A basket with plates, glasses, cutlery, tablecloth, napkins, bottle opener, salt shaker, pepper shaker and thermos is the maximum comfort; everything you need for a perfect picnic already has its precise place inside the basket and is coordinated with its style.

Which picnic basket to choose

Style and practicality come together in the classic wicker picnic basket, with external and internal leather straps and a fabric lining. This model, romantic and timeless, is available in different sizes and with facilities appropriate to the number of picnic participants.

If you prefer practicality above everything else, it is better to move towards a basket with a light frame, made of aluminum or made of a waterproof material that is easy to wash. These baskets are generally very roomy, foldable and have an inner lining of aluminum film that guarantees optimal preservation of food and drink. They are available in one-color versions or with funny colored patterns.

A third type, innovative and increasingly widespread, is that of picnic backpacks. Comfortable and light to carry on the shoulders, once opened they reveal their function as picnic baskets. Inside, the food finds all the necessary space together with an essential equipment of plates, glasses and cutlery, secured with special elastic bands.