Pillow Protectors

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The pillow protector, also called the pillow, has the same utility as the mattress protector. Designed to protect and prolong your bedding, it absorbs perspiration, ensures regular maintenance and improves comfort, offering a textile material to meet all your expectations.

Disposable pillow protectors: suitable for all needs?

The disposable pillow protector is ideal for accommodation: perfectly hygienic, it is light and easy to install. It prevents hair, hair and dead skin from falling on your pillows, while maintaining the level of comfort. Like any disposable protection product, its use saves time in terms of cleaning and handling, for short stays in a hotel or guest house, or in the event of a frequent change of protective covers for bedding in the middle. medical. The high temperature washable bed linen, however, brings more comfort and is more economical in the long run.

How to choose your pillow protectors?

- Choose natural materials for optimal comfort: the fleece made of 100% cotton is very soft and ideal for winter. In summer, the sponge made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester will be very absorbent. Jersey, made of 100% cotton or 50% cotton-50% polyester, is a soft, lightweight and stretchy material.

- Bet on a waterproof textile, but sufficiently absorbent if you sweat a lot.

- Choose a cover adapted to the dimensions of your pillows.