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Whether Route 66, a chopper in miniature or an Indian motif with dream catcher: Many car and motorcycle enthusiasts decorate their denim jacket with an original pin or show with a badge on the leather jacket, which football club is their favorite. The range of different motifs ensures a wide range of possibilities to emphasize your own individuality.

What are the advantages of pins?

With pins, garments such as denim jackets, leather jackets, vests or even hats can be easily transformed or decorated in a few simple steps. Depending on the selected motif, pins can say something about personal preferences, underline their own individuality or simply serve as a beautiful eye-catcher to give a garment a very special touch.

What should be considered when selecting pins?

- What material should the badge be? Meanwhile, pins are available from very different materials. The selection ranges from pin metal or brushed steel to pins made of enamel or a material mix of metal in combination with enamel.

- Which size should the pins have? Depending on the intended use, you should thoroughly read the size details carefully before ordering. In this way it can be ruled out from the outset that the badge is too big or too small and therefore may need to be returned.

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