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Mostly rectangular, this type of placemat is designed to protect the surface of the table reserved for each guest. The plate, the glasses, and the cutlery are placed there. If the set is a good way to avoid soiling on the tablecloth, it is also a simple way to give a touch of decor to his meals. The designers have seized this accessory to make it a unique object. What give good ideas to reinvent your party tables throughout the year. The materials used show a great diversity. Of course, the textiles have the share, but do not forget the braided son, natural or synthetic. Bamboo, leather and cork easily highlight a table with authentic accents. As for the plastics, they do not deserve in any case to be shunned. Indeed, they offer a multitude of more original ornaments than the others. In addition, some models adopt rounded or downright baroque shapes. Finally note: placemats can very well complement your daily meal, especially since they are also used without tablecloth. A sponge and they are clean, then slip into a drawer in the blink of an eye.

How to decorate a party table with table mats?

It's important to decide if you want to give them the limelight in your home decor or if they are simply a practical detail. In the first case, opt for models related to the theme of the event. The range of these accessories is such that you are sure to find your happiness. A country celebration, for example, accords with models with plant or animal impressions. Do not hesitate, in addition, to resume their colors to coordinate with the dishes. If your table service has patterns, prefer plain versions in natural tones, green and brown to choose from. In the same state of mind, also select wood, wicker or coconut for your sets. And why not bet on fantasy? To surprise and entertain your guests, choose a set of table for each of them according to his personality and his tastes. On the other hand, if the sets are not intended to sublimate your table, favor a single color that harmonizes with the rest of the decoration. You can, however, dare discrete prints, like fine stripes. Another interesting tip: play on the contrasts. Did you choose pastel colors for the dishes? In this case, set your sights on dark models to give relief.

How to choose table mats?

- Select the shape according to that of your table: round, square, rectangular table set, etc.

- Check that the border will not fray over time.

- Check the cleaning method which must offer perfect hygiene.

- Choose sets with patterns and / or a fun form for children: they will have more fun to eat if they have fun at the table.

- For every day, prefer a color that you will not get tired of.