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Green plants add a personal touch to your home or garden, transforming them into unique oases of peace and tranquility. Create an ideal retreat with the flowers. Especially plant lovers who do not have their own garden at their disposal can create an oasis of well-being with the green plants. In addition to a colorful variety of flowers are various leaf shapes in different shades of green to choose from. The gardening with plants provides a healthy balance of movement, helps to reduce stress and invites you to social evenings amidst a colorful floral splendor.

Before you buy plants, you should consider where they get their place: in the house, in the garden or maybe on the terrace? Some green plants do not like direct sunlight, others are very rare. You should check these and other criteria beforehand. Especially with shrubs and flowers for the garden must be taken into account, whether they are winterized or should be put into the house before the cold season, with some, however, it is enough to cover them only slightly.

What are the advantages of plants in the home?

Most people consider green plants as a pleasant way to make your home more comfortable, attractive and interesting. However, a much more important issue in green space design is that a quiet and pleasant environment has a positive effect on our psyche and mood. In addition, the flowers provide a healthy climate in our apartment. The rooms are pleasant and quieter, as it comes to no echoing and high tones. Recent research has shown that the green space design strongly influences the residents of the house. So these people are more productive, make fewer mistakes in their work and become less ill.

Another very important advantage of indoor plants is the improvement of the indoor climate. The carbon dioxide levels are reduced, the humidity increases and the air is purified. In addition, the concentration of pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and benzene is reduced, and the dust concentration in the indoor air is reduced. Houseplants are especially useful during hot summer months as they keep room temperatures down during this time.

What are the criteria for selecting green plants?

Indoor plants are selected according to size and location. For example, a birch fig, also known as Ficus, adorns the empty corner in the living room, where it can naturally grow larger than a houseplant on the windowsill. Potted plants are an eye-catcher on the window sill because of their beautiful flowers. And then of course there is the yucca palm, which depending on its size can either be put on the table or grow from the ground to the ceiling. Houseplants make your home appear livelier.

Two other criteria that should be taken into account when choosing the houseplant are whether you can afford enough time for regular care and whether pets live in the apartment. Especially cats like to nibble on the greenery, so make sure that the plants are not poisonous for animals. Regarding care, you should know how often the houseplant needs to be watered. If you are away from home for the whole week, it quickly becomes a dry stack.

Before you buy plants for your garden, you should think about the location. Some green plants, for example roses, like a lot of sun. With too little sunlight, they are quickly affected in their growth. In contrast, the rhododendron does not like direct sun and prefers partial shade during noon.