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Baby gyms and play mats are the best way to keep your child entertained while learning and developing their skills. The game in a baby is fundamental to stimulate his imagination, to externalize his emotions and to develop his psychomotricity. In addition, it helps them to foster their curiosity and generate autonomy. Depending on your age, you can find a host of gyms and different games that your baby can have fun and grow learning.

What is a gym for babies?

A gym for babies consists of a quilted blanket that is placed on the floor or on any other flat surface. It is completed by an arch at the top, from where toys, stuffed toys, rattles of different colors and textures hang that seek to encourage the stimulation and activity of the baby. These stuffed animals can also emit sounds or dim lights to be much more attractive to the child.

The goal of these gyms is that, through the movement and action of feet and hands, the child learns and develops a physical activity while stimulating their reactions, placing the baby face down or face up. Since these games are recommended for babies from 3 to 6 months, and the participation of parents is needed. Without them, the baby can get tired of these games by not feeling encouraged to explore the environment or the possibilities it offers. On the other hand, interacting with the little ones, we encourage more activity and get a greater reaction on their part to the colors, sounds, lights and textures.

Why buy a gym or baby rug?

The gyms or baby rugs are a good ally so that they learn to coordinate their body by the grip and movement of their arms and legs. Therefore, the different objects that hang are of great importance, since the more fun and carefree they are, the better reactions we will find in the baby. In addition, if the baby gets tired of playing always with the same toys, you can find another type of dolls or stuffed animals that call more attention and can adapt to the gym. Many of them vary in sounds and textures so that the baby is experimenting and becoming familiar with other types of objects.

When the baby grows, and stop being interested in the gym or it is too small, you can buy a carpet with numbers and colors. So, as you get older, you will assimilate these important concepts for tomorrow.

Details to keep in mind when purchasing a gym or baby mat

• It is important that toys that hang from the bow are within reach of the child, since easy access helps the child play more with them. If, on the other hand, the toys are too high, the baby will not be able to reach them and will get bored. It is best to place them at a medium height, where the child has to try a bit to get it and thus encourage the baby's challenge when trying to reach the desired teddy. In addition, if you put the baby on his stomach, you will be helping him to exercise important muscles of the back and neck.

• It is necessary to try that the blanket where the baby is lying down is comfortable and padded, and that at the same time it can be washed, since this way you will keep the gym always in good condition and clean.