Pleated Shades

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Pleated curtains, also known as pleated blinds, are special types of curtains ideal for covering windows and balconies of houses, offices or businesses. They are very popular for their versatility and ease of application to windows of all kinds as well as for the different inclinations with which they can be fixed.

Pre-cut and non-edged thermo-woven panels on the sides characterize this type of curtain together with pleating, that is, regular-width pleats obtained by hot-bending materials. The pleated blinds slide vertically and close similarly to the Roman blinds through command wires placed in the side holes (hidden in some models) which allow their movement upwards and downwards. Some particular types of pleated blinds move obliquely, allowing the application on skylights and other inclined windows.

How to choose pleated curtains

Being a very versatile type of curtain in terms of shapes and sizes, the criterion for choosing pleated curtains is mainly based on the type of fabric and the atmosphere you want to create.

The decorative and technical fabrics of the pleated curtains mounted on the ceiling, on the wall or directly on the frames can be darkening or stain-resistant as well as anti-reflective, with different transparency depending on the intensity of light and heat that you want to enter through the windows in order to get more privacy and milder temperatures in the interior.

To cover very large surfaces, such as windows or French windows, it is preferable not to use a single panel but several pleated curtains in a row, of the same color or of different colors.

The maintenance of pleated blinds is very simple: for a quick wash, simply wipe a damp cloth on the fabric and let it dry; for a deeper cleaning, based on the delicacy of the materials, it is possible to wash the curtains in the washing machine.