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The appearance of a car depends crucially on the condition of the paint. Especially older vehicles benefit enormously from the care with a high-quality polish. In addition, you increase the value of your car with the right paint care. At the latest when reselling, it pays off, if the paint looks like new. And hand on heart: is not it much more fun to drive a shiny car?

What do you need for the paint care of a vehicle?

There are a variety of products for the paint care of your vehicle. The offer ranges from practical microfibre cloths, with which you can remove dirt on the go, to the professional polish, with which even small scratches disappear. In addition to the cleaning effect, the modern polishes offer a sealing effect and thus protect the paint for a long time. For a perfect result, it is also advisable to order suitable accessories such as cleaning wipes or special sponges for applying the polish.

How to choose the right polish?

- Which lacquer do you need the polish for? There are special polishes for metallic paint or heavily weathered paints.

- Do you prefer a particular manufacturer? You will find in the online shop polishes of all renowned manufacturers, as well as the products of innovative new suppliers.

- Do you have the necessary accessories to start immediately with the paint care? The matching cloths and sponges can also be ordered here. In addition, there are practical complete sets that contain everything you need for paint care.