Power Steering Pumps

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The power steering is a device inside the steering box that allows the driver to change the direction of the wheels by exercising less force on the steering wheel; this greatly facilitates parking maneuvers and maneuvering with the car almost stopped. The power steering also improves driving safety as it increases response speed in an emergency, thus making the car more controllable.

Over the years, thanks to the evolution of mechanical technology, the power steering functions have improved, offering greater comfort and safety for the driver.

How does the power steering work?

Depending on the model and the type of vehicle, there are two main power steering systems.

The electric power steering uses the energy generated by an electric motor, while the hydraulic power steering uses the energy produced by a hydraulic pump; this pump pressurizes a liquid that acts on the steering mechanism through pressure valves.

How to change the power steering pump

Power steering pumps have different shapes and sizes depending on the vehicle brand and model. Some pumps have an integrated pressure valve, while others do not; in this case, the valve is usually mounted outside, in the steering or in the inlet duct.

Specific details can be found in the technical data sheet of each spare part; in general, it is advisable to always respect the manufacturer's instructions.

When replacing the power steering pump it is important to ensure that all data match; fitting the wrong pump could also damage other components. Before mounting the pump it is also advisable to check the hydraulic system of the power steering, cleaning it of any impurities. Once the new pump is installed, it is also necessary to check the power steering for leaks, and if you decide to change the hydraulic oil, it is advisable to follow the specifications indicated by the manufacturer.