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Physical exercise contributes to improving the quality of life of people, which means that after a minimum of half an hour of sport a day, you will feel more vital and willing to face the day. Practicing sports on a regular basis helps you prevent many diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, and also improves our mental health.

Training not only in the gyms, but also in the homes themselves, is a booming modality. Among the parts of the body that are most commonly exercised, highlight the arms and back, so having a pull-up bar in your home is always a good option.

Why choose a pull-up bar?

If you want to get fit in the comfort of your home, a pull-up bar will help you get the best results. With it you will achieve strong and toned muscles, get a better position of the back and avoid more serious injuries that may occur in your day to day.

This exercise, which consists of lifting the body above the bar, getting the chin to exceed it, is ideal for muscular arms, shoulders and back. When performing exercises with a pull-up bar, you can choose between the supinated grip, with the palms facing inwards; the pronado, with the palms out; the mixed, one hand in each position, or the simple one, which is achieved with a single-handed grip. Having a pull up bar available at home will save you money on a gym fee and, at the same time, you will have the possibility to exercise your body at any time of the day.

Which pull-up bar to choose?

Before buying a bar or another, the main thing is to determine your goals and decide where you want to use it:

- Generally, there are three types of pull-up bars: wall bars, door bars and roof bars. You must choose taking into account the type of exercise you want to carry out, and the space you have available.

- If you want to move the bar from one place to another, make sure it is one without screws so you can easily transport it wherever you want to complete your training.

- Make sure the resistance of the bar and check that the users of the bar do not exceed the maximum weight.

- If, in addition to exercise, you want it to be a complement to your home, do not hesitate to choose one according to the colors and shapes available, since there are aesthetic and very combinable with the rest of furniture.

- Look closely at the grips and choose the one that seems most comfortable when doing the pull-ups.

- Although they are generally easy to assemble, it is advisable to find out how to do it. Choose one that allows you to install it without major complications.

What aspects should be taken into account?

Although the installation of a pull-up bar is very simple if you follow the instructions in your manual, it is important that you know the measurements of your home perfectly to be able to choose the bar that best fits your available space. Above all, it is essential that you know these details if you are going to place them in the frames of a door or in a wall of reduced dimensions, since you could get to damage the paint or materials from which they are made.

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