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Carriers and accessories to learn how to walk

Your baby is standing up, but can not still walk? The solution is simple. Help him learn to walk smoothly by buying a baby carrier. Equipped with wheels, a carrier for children allows the youngest to move more quickly and safely. This is most often a toy that is made of three or four wheels, a steering wheel or a handlebar. It also has a seat where the child can sit while having their legs touching the floor. A backrest at the back of the vehicle allows the baby to stand upright while on the move. By using a carrier, the youngest develop certain qualities namely: balance, strength in the legs, motor skills and self-confidence.

Which baby carrier to choose?

Before buying a baby carrier, make sure that it meets certain reliable safety standards, such as the CE logo, the E71 label or the European standard NF EN 71-3. Choose those that are plastic or wood and make sure they are free of toxic products that can be swallowed by your child. It can be zinc, aluminum, mercury, chromium, etc. Consider the size of the wearer by choosing a gear that will allow the child to move easily when sitting on it. The ideal carrier is one that allows the little ones to be able to put feet on the ground once seated on the machine without their legs suffer. Choose also according to the dimensions of the machine (length, width). They must be perfectly adapted to your environment (house, apartment, exterior ...). This is why in small spaces, a carrier of modest or medium size and wood will for example be the most appropriate.

How to choose according to the wheels?

The wheels of the carrier will depend on the type of floor (parquet, tile, carpet, concrete, lawn etc.) where the child will roll. In this sense, wearers with plastic wheels should be avoided if learning to baby is done inside. They are very noisy. If you want to buy a silent machine, prefer baby carriers with wheels with polyurethane tires (roller type) that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The size of the wheels must also be taken into consideration. Wheels that have a large diameter will play on uneven ground. The small, multi-directional swivel wheels are better suited for rolling on smooth surfaces such as parquet and tiled floors.

At what age to buy a baby carrier?

The carrier is for toddlers who can not pedal yet and those who take their first steps and are able to step over. These are babies who are 12 months old on average. You can also buy them for the youngest who sit on their own and stand (from six months). This toy can be used until the age of about 5 years.

What accessories for a baby carrier?

Trunk, horn, shifter, ignition key, musical games for babies and recessed games are all accessories that will be bought to allow the child to have fun while learning to walk.