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Out of the city, into nature. With a quad bike you can drive off the beaten track, leave the everyday life behind and make a detour to the pleasure. The All Terrain Vehicle, ATV for short, although resembles a toy car with its four oversized tires, but brings up to 160 km / h on the clock and at least as much fun. The small vehicle for one to three people is becoming increasingly popular. Originally the Quad was developed for passenger transport and reconnaissance for the military, today quad biking is a popular gift - for the best friend, the children or your own thirst for adventure.

Where can you drive with quad bikes?

Quads have an all-wheel drive, so they are particularly suitable for driving over rough terrain, such as in forests and deserts. As a rule, you will also be imported to Europe as a pure off-road vehicle and will have to be retrofitted by the importers or dealers for road approval. When refitting the headlamps, turn signals, brake lights, parking light and tachometer to EC standard are attached. Wheel broadening, lowering and road tires can increase road safety, however, the small vehicles have neither belts nor a crumple zone. Since quads are motorized, you need to drive these vehicles a driving license in the form of a license of the class AM or B. Since January 1, 2006 also applies in Germany for all drivers and passengers of quads the helmet obligation, because the risk of injury for quad riders is essential higher than for car drivers.

What do you need to keep in mind when riding quad bikes?

Anyone who is a good motorist or motorcyclist is by no means a skilful quad rider. Because a quad behaves completely different than ordinary vehicles and therefore caution is required. As a rule, quads are designed as off-road vehicles and, due to the ground clearance required for off-road driving, have a high center of gravity, which leads to instability in curves and on slopes. Due to the four-wheel drive, the inner and outer wheels are equally fast in bends, which can quickly lead to imbalance. Too much acceleration can also lead to a relief of the front axle, whereby the vehicle is no longer steerable. The following hints can help you to handle the quad:

• Shift: To engage or change the gears, the rear brake must be applied. This is possible on all models via the foot brake pedal, in some models also optionally via the left hand brake lever.

• Brakes: The front wheels are braked with the brake lever on the right side of the handlebar, the foot brake stops the rear wheels. Excessive braking of the front wheels on slippery surfaces in the curve makes the vehicle slip straight ahead.

• Acceleration: Almost exclusively, the throttle on the quad is a thumb lever that operates like a bell. Since driving and steering calls for high physical effort, the thumb lever is less likely to give gas by mistake than a twist grip.

• Curves: When driving through curves, the body weight should be displaced opposite to the centrifugal force, i. in left turns, the quad tilts to the right and with the shift of the body weight to the left counteract this force. The curve can be passed faster and safer. Uphill, the body weight is shifted forward, downhill to the rear.

Quad bikes for kids?

If you want to fulfill your child's wish for their own quad, you should pay a lot of attention - because safety is natural. There are battery-powered electric children's quads in various sizes, the smallest model can be driven from four years. A good kid's squad always has an emergency stop leash that shuts off the engine as soon as it is pulled. Attached to the child's arm ensures safety. The performance can also be throttled, sometimes even down to walking speed. In addition, the footwell should be closed, the suspension as soft as possible and the model generally have a robust paneling.