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Raclettes: delicious and low-fat recipes

A raclette is an appliance that, in general, can resemble an iron, grill or grill. However, although they have elements in common, they are not the same and do not have the same purpose. And is that these devices have two levels, one for meat or vegetables and another for cheese, which is because they are designed to cook variants of a delicious typical Swiss recipe from these ingredients. In fact, his name is due to this circumstance.

What ingredients are cooked in a raclette?

The raclette is an appliance designed to cook variants of the typical dish of the same name that is based on cheese. In this sense, beyond this, this type of device is prepared to cook potatoes, bacon, gherkins, onions and various sausages, as well as prawns, salmon, etc. The lower compartment is exclusive for cheese and, in general, each of its compartments can be extracted separately. This makes it easy to serve rations individually.

How to choose a raclette?

- How many lower compartments? The more the device has, the greater number of raclette rations you can prepare simultaneously.

- Have a non-stick plate. This will make it much easier to clean when you finish cooking.

- That it can be dismantled. Thanks to this feature you can serve the dishes more comfortably and remove the most hidden dirt.