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After a hard, stressful day, having a good glass of wine cuddles you in a cozy recliner and forget everything around you. The name of this chair says it all: it is perfect for relaxing. With a large seating area, soft upholstery, a high backrest with headrest, armrests and a footrest, reclining armchairs offer plenty of comfort and convenience. In addition, the backrest and footrest can be moved in most cases by pressing a button in the desired position, so you do not have to push long, push and pull, before you have set the chair as you need it. On many models, the seat can also be moved forward, which helps to get up. Anyone who has ever enjoyed the comfort of such a relax and television chair knows how reluctant to leave it again!

Where do I put my relax chair best?

Most reclining chairs are bought for the living room, where they often fulfill the function of a TV chair at the same time. If you also want to use this cozy seating for watching TV, you need of course the perfect pitch. It's best to test for yourself the ideal distance between your new TV chair and your TV. Because about the calculation of the ideal distance, there are different opinions. Basically, the higher the resolution of the TV is, the lower the distance can be, because the images do not pixelate and are even close to crisp. Even those who like to play console games, can put his recliner chair close to the TV so as not to miss any detail.

If you only want to use the chair to relax and not as a TV armchair, it should be in a room in which he optically fits in and where he does not seem too dominant. Because that can happen quickly because of its size and compactness. Find a place where you feel comfortable and where you can relax well. If you would like to use the recliner chair for reading, a location by the window is ideal. Incidentally, many people feel subconsciously a certain discomfort when they sit with their backs to the door. Therefore choose a place where you look towards the door. Then nothing is in the way of relaxing!

Leather or textile - which material is ideal for my reclining chair?

Like the location, the material used to make your recliner or TV chair is primarily a matter of personal taste. Leather, artificial leather or fabrics each have their advantages and disadvantages. Leather used to be popular, but now there are also practical synthetic fibers. These are as easy-care as leather, very robust and insensitive and available in a variety of designs. Relax chairs with microfiber covers have therefore caught up in popularity.

What should be considered when buying a recliner?

These modern armchairs are characterized not only by their comfort, but also by their many functions. It therefore depends on how well the person for whom the recliner is intended can cope with technical details. As great as the many functions are - especially for old people, the operation can be a real challenge. When purchasing, therefore, take a good look at which functions of the TV armchair are important for your needs and choose accordingly.

If you want to enjoy the ultimate in relaxation and relieve occasional tension, offers a model with massage function. However, if you have chronic back problems, it is a good idea to check with your doctor before purchasing if this feature is right for you.