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Taking care of your lawn with an accurate and regular shave is a necessity that can also become a pleasure. Especially when using a helical mower. Thanks to one of these instruments, light and silent, you can accurately cut the grass of your garden without consuming any energy and without producing annoying noises that ruin the quiet of your own green corner.

In fact, the helical mowers are push-driven tools: by pushing the tool on the grass, the wheels rotate a cylinder of helical-shaped blades that will cut the blades of grass in a clear and precise way.

How to choose the helical mower

The helical mower is particularly suitable for those with a lawn that is not too big, ideally under 150 square meters. Moreover, this type of lawnmower is generally not able to cut very long blades of grass, i.e. over 10 centimeters, and therefore requires fairly frequent use.

But if you have a small garden, without twigs and stones (which could damage the blades), it is definitely recommended if you want to keep the grass tidy and low, with cuts even under 3 cm.

A strong point, compared to motorized models, is portability: these models are light and can also be folded and stored in a closet. The space available in the tool shed or garage can therefore be a criterion of choice.

The number of blades available varies from model to model and there are moulders from the height of the blades variable: it will thus be possible to have the grass of the desired height.

For those who want to reduce the physical effort of shaving is to evaluate the width of the cut, ie the length of the blades, equivalent to the space between the two wheels: in most models varies from 30 to 40 cm.

And to avoid the post-shave raking phase, it is possible to opt for instruments equipped with a grass-collecting compartment, in which the wires are deposited after being cut off.