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The progress of technology has led, over the years, to the creation of automated tools that are able to perform more and more tasks. The robot vacuum cleaner, which entered the market at the beginning of 2000, quickly became an essential appliance for many. It has been designed to move independently and clean all domestic surfaces by sucking up all types of dirt, such as dust, crumbs, hairs, pollen and much more.

Depending on the model selected, the robot vacuum cleaner can be equipped with additional features, such as the ability to wash floors or the ability to control it through your mobile phone.

Why buy a robot vacuum cleaner?

The robot vacuum cleaner represents a saving of time and energy for those who are juggling every day with a thousand things. This small appliance with a practical and innovative design has become for many a precise and reliable helper in the fight against dirt. It is also a valuable ally in the event you live with animals or with people allergic to dust: the precision of these robots ensures to minimize the residues of dirt in any surface.

How the robot vacuum cleaner works

The operation of the robot vacuum cleaner is actually very simple. Once activated, this automated household appliance maps the environment and cleans the surfaces with a system of rotating brushes that suck up residues of dirt, hairs and dust. While cleaning, the robot is able to avoid obstacles in the room thanks to infrared sensors, which are also responsible for limiting their movements in a single area when a special function called a virtual wall is activated.

The robotic vacuum cleaners work with rechargeable battery and, if the cheaper ones require to be manually moved to the charging base, the more advanced models will come back to you autonomously once the charge is about to end.

Which robot vacuum cleaner to buy

On the market you can find various models of robot vacuum cleaners; autonomy, tank capacity, charge speed and size play an important role in choosing the model that best suits your needs. It is also advisable to consider the quality of the brushes, which require regular cleaning to keep them effective and functional.

The technical characteristics of your home should not be underestimated. Homes with a larger size require more powerful models with greater autonomy, which reduces the number of refills required. For areas with different surfaces, there are instead robots able to recognize the different nature, so you can adapt power and inclination of the brushes from time to time.

High-end robots have additional hi-tech features such as laser square footage and remote smartphone programming; others are instead equipped with a water tank that makes them able to wash the floor, in addition to a square or triangular design in order to reach the most difficult corners.

To select the product with an excellent quality-price ratio, it is advisable to read the reviews related to each model; these make it possible to compare the opinions of those who have already tried the robot vacuum cleaners on the market and to identify the strengths and any weaknesses.

Performing and reliable, on the market you can therefore find various types of robot vacuum cleaners suitable for different needs: specialized for animal fur, with remote control, able to go up and down stairs and controlled remotely via smartphone.

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