Roller Blinds

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The benefits of installing a roller blind, both in the home and at work, have long been known. Where a combination of practicality and design is required, it represents an excellent alternative to classic apartment curtains, from which it is distinguished by the easy opening and closing system.

Suitable for multiple uses, it finds its natural location in offices or apartments in modern style, where it offers effective protection from direct light, glare and even from prying eyes.

Its qualities are also appreciated in the most intimate environments such as the bedroom or the relaxation areas, within which it ensures complete isolation from light sources thanks to the use of special fabrics or darkening panels.

What are roller blinds and what are the models available?

Roller blinds are furnishing accessories designed to satisfy particular needs of functionality and design in domestic or working environments.

Their peculiarity lies in the simplicity of use, which is expressed in the simple adjustment of a cord or a crank connected to a roller, around which the fabric that constitutes the curtain is wrapped around. The pulley movement therefore makes it possible to raise or lower the curtain in just a few seconds and with just one hand, without any effort.

Among the advantages offered by this type of awning there is also the reduction of the overall dimensions and the almost total absence of maintenance, guaranteed both by the presence of the roller shutter box and the use of synthetic fabrics and plastic, wood or metal elements. As if this were not enough, a roller blind can easily be installed in any position: outside or inside the window, on its frame, on the ceiling or directly inside the frame.

The range of models available is divided into different aesthetic and functional solutions, ranging from recessed to visible design, from vertical to horizontal or inclined sliding, without forgetting the different types of actuation. Those looking for maximum comfort and practicality, in fact, can opt for a motorized roller blind, that is equipped with an electrically controlled remote winding system.

How to choose a roller blind?

- It is advisable to select the model most suited to your needs, taking into account the technical characteristics and the type of installation

- The dimensions of the windows that will host the curtains must be accurately measured so as to avoid erroneous purchases and structural interventions

- Those who want to rely on DIY, it is better that they prefer fast-assembled models that do not require the use of particular tools and / or particularly invasive interventions on walls or window frames

- The differences between curtain fabrics must be taken into consideration: thin or embroidered ones are suitable for partial filtration and reverberation reduction; the thick ones are more suitable for total darkening or external use

- For total darkening solutions it is advisable to rely on models equipped with magnetic guides, which are more stable and suitable for completely filtering sunlight

- In the relaxation areas and in the bedroom it is to choose the comfort and the silence of the mechanized roller blinds