Roof Boxes

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Sometimes even the largest luggage compartment is not enough - for example, if you want to go skiing with the whole family. But this problem has a simple solution: roof boxes provide extra space for many things that do not fit into the car. Starting with skis and snowboards to the complete camping equipment to cribs can be stowed in such a box all sorts of bulky device.

This should be considered when buying a roof box

First, find out whether your car is even allowed for a roof box. Due to the high weight of up to 25 kilograms (plus the weight of additional luggage) and the length of the boxes, not all types of vehicles are suitable for this practical extra.

Choose a model that is long enough to hold the items you want while still fitting your car roof so that it does not protrude either forward or backward. Especially for cheaper offers, make sure that the security is guaranteed. At best, the box is tested by the ADAC or TÜV. Roof boxes ensure increased fuel consumption. An aerodynamic design can help keep costs as low as possible. Very important is also a safe but practical locking system.

Important tips for mounting and using roof boxes

When assembling your roof box, always adhere to the instructions of the manufacturer, because if it has been fixed incorrectly or you even use components that are not intended for this purpose, the manufacturer assumes no liability in the event of damage.

If possible, pack heavy things in the car. If you have to go into the box, then they should be placed below and in the middle. Make the most of the storage space so that nothing slips. Keep in mind that the driving behavior of your car will change due to the heavy weight on the roof and drive carefully.