Roof Racks

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Many drivers are already using roof racks. The easy-to-install constructions make it easier to secure bulky luggage and take it with you on vacation. Basically, they are screwed or jammed; sometimes you can also find them at the stern.

Types of installation

There are several ways to attach the roof rack to the car.

• Fixed screw connection to the roof rails

• Fastening with the fixed points provided by the vehicle manufacturer

• Screw connection or clamping in the rain gutter

• Clamping in the area of ​​the door frame

• Mounting on the tailgate or on the trailer hitch

Roof racks always consist of at least two parallel trusses or support tubes, which are mounted horizontally to the direction of travel on the roof. Most vehicle models have a roof rail or a rain gutter, so mounting is not a problem. Also devices on the door frame should be present in most vehicles.

What should I pay attention to when buying a roof rack?

If you have decided on a model, there are a few more aspects worth paying attention to.

One of the most important is the permissible payload. This can vary. It is therefore essential to check which maximum weight is specified for the roof. This can be found in the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer, usually up to 100 kilograms. Normally this amount is sufficient to use different system carriers, such as bicycle carriers and roof boxes.

Also not unimportant is the theft protection. Widespread are key systems, but also variety backup is popular.