Rosé Wine

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Especially for balmy summer evenings outdoors, an ice-cold bottle of rosé is the perfect companion. For a long time, rosé was frowned upon by connoisseurs of wine as a stopgap measure if the grapes were not good enough for red wine, but today rosé is firmly in the color spectrum and in every wine cellar. The quality of the wine has risen sharply in recent years and therefore Rosé sells itself better and better internationally. Germany is now even the nation with the third largest Roséweinkonsum.

What makes a good rosé wine?

Rosé wine is especially recommended for starters and light dishes such as tapas, fish and white meat. But maybe even more than his white and red siblings, Rosé offers itself as an independent drink. The following clues help you to recognize a good rosé wine:

• Color: Clarity is important in all wines, cloudiness indicates flaws. The closer the contact with the berry skins the stronger the rosé wine is colored. The color spectrum ranges from salmon to cherry red.

• Taste: In a summer wine, sweetness and acidity as well as fruit and soft tannins harmonize. Stressed tannin-containing grape varieties or a development in oak do not correspond to the typical taste. With residual sweetness, which leaves sticky fingers and a pappig-sweet impression on the palate, are easily concealed weaknesses of the wine. A dash of carbon dioxide can simulate a nonexistent freshness. Basically, the longer the taste in the mouth, the higher the quality of the wine.

• Fragrance: Depending on the grape varieties used, a rosé smells of delicate flowers such as roses, fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, wild berries, sweet and sour cherries.

• Percent: Rosé should be light, so it's better to have 10 percent alcohol than a whopping 14 percent.

• Production: Rosé wines are very light colored wines made from red grapes, which are produced like white wine. The berries may not lie on the mash or only for a few hours.

• Storage: Rosé is drunk cool, between 6 and 10 degrees.