Rotating TV Stands

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Acquire a turntable to easily change the position of its flat screen
It's always nice when you want to watch TV being able to do it from the dining room table or the armchair. There are thus rotating plates that can change the position of the television and put it back to its original position.

The different types of rotating plates

The most popular are the electric rotating plates. They are multi-purpose and have a rotating electric base, some even have LEDs. These models exist in different colors and diameters.

There are also non-electric models that generally have non-slip rubber feet to protect the furniture on which it is placed scratches.

How to choose a turntable?

First of all, it is important to check the diameter of the model you wish to acquire. Indeed, the choice will depend on the size and weight of your flat screen.

Models 25 cm in diameter support a weight of 60 kg, those of 30 cm a weight of 80 kg and trays of 40 cm can contain a load of 100 kg.